Dance Arts Academy & Company Dance Traverse Reopening Protocol:


We are SO excited to get back into the studio with you all!

Dance Arts Academy fully requires that Students, Faculty, Parent/Guardian and anyone entering the studio

premises follow the applicable Governmental Executive Orders as well as the CDC Guidelines

for safe reopening of our Business.


Please note we have staggered all arrival times to keep Social Distance happening.

Masks age 3 up must remain on at all times while on the premises.

Dressing Rooms, Drinking Fountains & cubbies are closed at this time.


Upon Arrival:

Dancers will be dressed in Dress Code & Hair in a bun ready to go before arriving to the studio.

Children 6 & Under may have 1 Parent/Guardian with them (same dancer protocols apply).

Dancers (masks on) may begin lining up on the walkway (6 feet apart) 5 – 10 minutes prior to class start time. If you are early, please wait in your car until this time.

Dancers may bring 1 small bag with “filled” water bottle and dance shoes needed.  If you are bringing a phone, it needs to be in the bag in a zip lock bag. No Yoga Mats, No rollers, No Food. No bare feet in studios.

Dancers dancing in the Upstairs Studios 3 & 4 (1st/2nd Co. & Teen Co.) will line up & enter through the FRONT (Garfield Avenue) door.

Dancers dancing in the Downstairs Studios 1 & 2 (Juniors, Minis & Campers) will line up & enter through the Parking Lot Front Door (our “normal” entrance).

You will be greeted at the door. All Faculty, Staff and Dancers will have temperatures taken with our touchless thermometers. (Dancers with temperatures higher than 100.4 will not be able to enter the building. Please self monitor this as well before arriving to DAA.)

All Street Shoes will be placed on shelves in the entrance where your dancer has entered the building. Shoes off – Socks on (no bare feet allowed in the facility). All dancers will use our touchless hand sanitizer at this point.

Dancers will stay lined up on our Social Distancing Markers until their teacher invites them into the studio.

Dancers will place their small bags on the marked socially distanced spots around the studio & take their place in their assigned 6 x 6 square – if barres are being used, dancers will be 6 feet apart. Barres are disinfected before they are used again.

Dancers will remain in the same studio for the duration of their class day. Teachers will rotate. Teacher places in each room are designated by the white social distance box. Students will not go into these white squares reserved for our Faculty.

Dance Arts Academy is an “air hug & air fist bump only” establishment in this moment, no touching!

Dancers will gather their bag & water bottle to exit the building the same way they entered at the end of class. Prompt pick up is required. Dancers will wait outside for pick up (continuing Social Distancing).

All dancers should be pre-registered & prepaid for classes.


We are limited in our class size and may not be able to admit dancers that aren’t pre-registered.

Our new Waiver needs to be signed by parents prior to attending class.

For our ITP level classes, we will also have a zoom option for you to dance with us at home if you are unable to come in to the studio.


Additional Safety Measures implemented by Dance Arts Academy:

We have invested in the installation of “Global Plasma Solution” Units in each of our 4 HVAC units.

All floors will be steam cleaned daily.

High touch areas will be wiped down & disinfected frequently.

We ask that all dancers entering the building do a “daily self-assessment” as follows:

  • Anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19, shall not enter the studio premises until they subsequently receive confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test by a medical professional.
  • All are encouraged to take their temperature and perform a self-assessment each day they are scheduled to enter the studio. Anyone that has a temperature over 100.4 F or otherwise feel ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 shall stay home and not attempt to enter the studio premises.
  • As required by the CDC, all studio employees, students, parents/guardians and any visitor to the studio must perform the following self-assessment (screening questions) before entering the studio, and must be able to answer NO to all of the following questions in order to enter the studio premises:
  1. Do YOU currently have symptoms of a fever of 100.4F or higher? YES or NO?
  2. Do YOU currently have symptoms of cough (excluding chronic cough due to a known medical condition other than COVID-19); shortness of breath; sore throat; or diarrhea (excluding diarrhea due to a known medical reason other than COVID-19)? YES or NO?
  3. Have you travelled internationally in the last 14 days? YES or NO?
  4. Have YOU been in close contact in the last 14 days with someone with a diagnosis of COVID-19? YES or NO?
  • An affirmative response to screening questions 1 or 2 above requires the individual to be excluded for at least 72 hours with no fever (three full days of no fever without use of medicine that reduces fever) and other symptoms have improved (for example, cough and shortness of breath have improved) and at least ten days passed since symptoms began.
  • An affirmative response to screening question 3 above requires the individual to be excluded for 14 days following travel. Exceptions include necessary workers engaged in travel related to supply chain and critical infrastructure.
  • An affirmative response to screening question 4 above requires the individual to be excluded for 14 days following the last exposure to the individual diagnosed with COVID-19. Exemptions include healthcare institutions, public health functions, pharmacies and other entities that are involved in the mitigation of risk during this pandemic.
  • Persons that answered NO to all Self-Assessment questions can enter the studio as long as they also wear a mask. The mask must remain on at all times while on the premises, including in a dance studio, reception area, hallway, and/or bathroom.