Dance Arts Academy & Company Dance Traverse Stay Healthy Protocol:


Effective June 1, 2021

Masks age 2 up must remain on at all times while on the premises.

Dressing Rooms and Drinking Fountains remain closed at this time.

Upon Arrival:

Dancers will be dressed in Dress Code & Hair in a bun ready to go before arriving to the studio.

Children 6 & Under may have 1 Parent/Guardian with them (same dancer protocols apply).

Dancers may bring 1 small bag with “filled” water bottle and any dance shoes needed.  No bare feet in studios at this time.  No Yoga Mats, No rollers, No Food.  

All Street Shoes will be placed on shelves in the entrance where your dancer has entered the building. Shoes off – Socks on (no bare feet allowed in the facility). All dancers will use our touchless hand sanitizer at this point.

Dance Arts Academy is an “air hug & air fist bump only” establishment in this moment, no touching!

No Food or drinks (no coffees, smoothies, etc.) are allowed in the building for Dancers or Parents.

Dancers will gather their bag & water bottle to exit the building the same way they entered at the end of class. Prompt pick up is required. Dancers will wait outside for pick up (continuing Social Distancing).

All dancers should be pre-registered & prepaid for classes.

We are limited in our class size and may not be able to admit dancers that aren’t pre-registered.

Our new Waiver needs to be signed by parents prior to attending class.