Dance Arts Academy Etiquette

Appearance: All children in Light Pink dress code (Creative Movement, Dance Exploration, and Pre-Ballet Programs) may wear their hair neatly pulled back and off the neck. All other dancers are required to have their hair (including bangs) neatly secured in a bun.  We expect all our students to abide by the dress code, and have hair pulled back as detailed in dress code.
Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes as absences inhibit progress. Students should be ready for class at the designated time, in appropriate dress code.
Faculty: Please email the studio to communicate with teachers as class time is limited and classes are scheduled consecutively. Our front desk staff can facilitate this for you.
Tardiness: Students arriving late for class, should wait outside the entrance to his/her studio until the instructor motions the dancer to join the class.
Make-ups: Missed classes may be made up within the term incurred, but not transferred to another term or another student. Make-ups are allowed in comparable classes or below. Please provide instructor with a make-up slip (available at front desk) when the class is made up.
Drop Off/Pick Up: Students should arrive no more that 15 minutes prior to class and be picked up immediately following class.


Dance Arts Academy provides professional dance training in an inspirational and friendly atmosphere.  Our  brand new 11,000 square-foot plus, state of the art studios are equipped with floating floors, professional sound systems, dressing rooms, ample waiting areas, and observation windows.  Everyone that studies at DAA plays a unique and important part in keeping our studio one of the top schools in the country.  We have earned the title of “The Best Dance Studio in Traverse City”.  Our performance company, Company Dance Traverse (CDT) has been selected as Michigan’s representative at the “Dance Excellence” International Dance Festival in Los Angeles for the past five years. In addition, CDT has consistently earned honors in local, state, and national competition.  These awards include  “Good Sportsmanship” and “Class Act” Honors ~ attributes we expect from all of our students and parents.  The Class Act Honor is awarded to the group that best displays professional, quality, age appropriate choreography, and performs all of their pieces with class and professionalism. These are great honors that we share with all of you. We expect all of our students to uphold this honor and abide by all of the Dance Arts Academy rules and procedures. Parents, please help us achieve “Class Act” behavior from all of our students.