The Nutcracker

December 19-22, 2024

WORKSHOP AUDITION Wednesday, August 14 & Thursday, August 15
(Attend both days of the Workshop/Audition)


Age requirements as of September 1, 2024

10:00 – 11:00          Ages 7-10        New to DAA Nutcracker (Completed Ballet Elements & Up)      

11:00 – 12:00         Ages 8-13         Returning DAA Nutcracker Dancers (Mini Fusion Co, Mini CDT, Ch. Int.)                              

12:15 –  1:30          Ages 11-14       Four plus years of Ballet training (Junior & Teen Fusion Co, Junior CDT)

1:30 –  3:30          Ages 14+          Six plus years of Ballet training (Senior Fusion Co, Teen CDT, 1st /2nd CDT)                         

Audition attire is same as ballet class dress code.

  • Audition Application and Information available May 1.
  • Attendance in 2 Summer Dance Camps is strongly encouraged for dancers age 7-11.  See our Dance Camp page for options.  (All CDT dancers will attend the DAA Summer Intensive; Dance Camp attendance is optional for Mini CDT dancers wanting more classes.)
  • Audition Application/Audition Fee due June 15th payable to Company Dance Traverse.
  • Nutcracker Act II Variations & Finale Workshop (advanced dancers age 13+) August 19-22 from 10:00-2:00 Mandatory
  • DAA/CDT Nutcracker Auditions are open to DAA Students that meet the above criteria.

DETAILS! (Most roles are double cast):

“Awesome or Brilliant Cast” Performances – Thu, Dec 19 at 7:00; Sat, Dec 17 at 2:00 & Sun, Dec. 18 at 2:00

“Awesome or Brilliant Cast” Performances – Fri, Dec 16 at 7:00; Sat, Dec 17 at 7:00 & Sun, Dec 18 at 6:00

  • Awesome & Brilliant Cast Designation released by October 15th
  • Lambs (youngest dancers) rehearse Fridays 5:15-6:15 beginning 9/13
  • Battle Scene (Soldiers & Mice) rehearse Fridays 5:15-6:30 beginning 9/13
  • Party Children rehearse in September on Friday 5:15-6:30, then move to Party Scene rehearsal Sunday 1:00-3:00 starting 10/12
  • Angels rehearse Fridays 5:15-6:15 beginning 9/13
  • Act 2 Variations (advanced dancers age 13+) rehearse during our Nutcracker Workshop 10-2 August 19-22. Workshop begins with Class, Finale, and then work on individual Variations. (additional $165 workshop fee applies).  Rehearsal will continue on Saturdays (time will vary dependent on casting), typically 1:30-3:30.
  • Dancers selected for “The Nutcracker” will pay a $145 rehearsal fee to help defray the Production Costs (Rehearsals, Costumes, Sets & Choreography). Payable to CDT prior to rehearsal on 9/13/24. CDT Dues cover this fee if you are a Company Dance Traverse Dancer.
  • Dancers will supply their own tights, shoes and nude camisole leotard.
  • Theater Week Tech & Dress Rehearsals are for all casts Monday, Dec 16; Tuesday, Dec 17 & Wednesday, Dec 18, approximately 4:00-9:00. Younger Dancers will rehearse approximately 5:30-7:00.
  • Dancers are allowed 2 excused absences (please try to be at all rehearsals). After 2 excused absences, dancers may lose a performance if they miss a 3rd Please plan weekends accordingly.
  • No Rehearsal Thanksgiving Week/Weekend.


Dancers must be enrolled in at least one ballet class per week at DAA and available for weekend rehearsals from 9/13 through Performances.